Don't let me become a STATISTIC!

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Don't let me become a STATISTIC!




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Nearly 50% of youth involved in the juvenile justice system read below the grade level appropriate for their age. Help us prevent our students from becoming a statistic by providing them with access to computers so they can utilize programs which will help them improve their reading achievement.

The Specifics: How will you use $2,500 to fuel social change through technology?

LEARN Works seeks to inspire children toward a promising future, empowered as lifelong learners, prepared to seize opportunities, and ready to face life's inevitable challenges. We provide the students with academic support, social skill development, and enrichment opportunities. We want to build on our academic component by placing more time in our schedule for students to work on improving their reading skills. We plan to purchase computers so students can work with applications geared toward raising reading levels. We will either purchase a program or utilize free, kid-friendly programs which already exist on the web. More computers = greater access for our students because they will have to share computers less often.

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Off Grid Solar System for an Urban Farm
Off Grid Solar System for an Urban Farm

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