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Have you been to a rally or large meeting where you COULD NOT HEAR the speaker? The organizers worked hard to get the word out and you took time to go to the event but you simply could not hear. CrowdSpeaker turns your phone into a remote speaker. It will allow for polling & 2-way communication.

The Specifics: How will you use $2,500 to fuel social change through technology?

I have some volunteers on board but I need to pay a programmer for some serious coding. We have volunteer users standing by to test an alpha version as soon as it is roughed out. We are in Chicago and there are public events, Occupy actions, rallies and protests on a weekly basis. This app will also help event organizers know who has attended their event via an "I AM HERE" feature that registers an attendee and has an opt-in feature to get more information from the event organizers. The CivicLab (http://www.civiclab.us) is about building tools/apps to accelerate social change, civic engagement and the work of activists. Connecting with people who attend meetings and rallies is one of most persistent problems of grassroots organizing.

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Off Grid Solar System for an Urban Farm
Off Grid Solar System for an Urban Farm

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